About the Book

Called from the Darkness

(Book One)

Should I have cut school after yelling at Seth for annoying me when he was just trying to be nice? Probably not. I’ll admit, it was immature. I felt kind of bad about it later. He’s just always bugging me. Seriously though, if I had just stayed in school, none of the other stuff would have happened.

My friend Kai about had a heart attack when I told him what I saw in that abandoned building. He really worries about me. It’s not like I’m always looking to get into trouble, it just sort of happens. It’s a little weird, though. He’s more of a mother to me than my actual mother.

Anyway, now I’m dealing with the consequences. I even got this weirdo following me around now. I’m pretty sure he’s possessed, too. Man, I sure never thought my life could get much worse. You know what they say about tempting fate, and all that? Well, don’t do it. My life literally took a turn from bad, to hell.

Demons are no joke.


Through The Abyss

(Book Two)

So thanks to my brother, the whole city has been transported into the demonic realm. As if it wasn’t bad dealing with demons before, now we have to fight them on their home turf. Apparently there’s no way to undo it, or get back, so all we can do is try to survive.

I don’t know what he was thinking. Well, of course it was all Legion’s idea, and he seems to have some bigger plan in mind. It probably has something to do with the big dragon the demons call Apollyon. But I can’t figure Ace out. One minute he’s begging for my help, and the next, he’s acting like I’m a nuisance.

Demons are pretty predictable. All they do is lie and try to eat you. But big brothers? Forget it.

The whole praying and trusting God thing is new to me, but I’m trying. When Pastor Paul said your problems don’t go away just because you become a Christian, I don’t think he was expecting this to happen a couple days later. I feel like I’m living in in a crazy young adult fantasy novel or something.

I gotta say, though. The weapons God’s been giving us to fight the demons are pretty cool.

About the Author

Andi Young is from a suburb of Detroit, Michigan, working at a retail job for over ten years and writing in her spare time. She also loves to play video games, go camping, and hang out with her friends. The top three things she can’t live without are Jesus, caffeine, and her dog Zoey.